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When it comes to Racing on Astro tyre choice is key. When wet or damp Astro provides little grip and a more aggressive tyre in a soft compound such as the Schumacher Spirals (Silver) all round are the popular choice for 1/8th 4WD


For 1/10th buggy Ballistic Pins (Green) for are a popular choice for the rear along with Schumacher "Cut Staggers" (Silver) on the front.

Whilst these are good examples they are by no means the only choice and there are BRCA guidelines on approved tyres that should be considered if you want to try out alternatives.

Dry Astro is a completely different ball game and often as race meetings progress the track dries out and you see drivers reaching for their choice of dry tyre. Schumacher Minipins (Yellow) are widely used for 1/8th scale buggy although often drivers will modify the tyres by cutting off 2-3 of the outer rows of pins each side to reduce "Grip Roll"

For 1/10th buggy popular choices include Schumacher Minipin 2's (Yellow) and Low Profile (LP) Cut Staggers (Yellow)

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