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Adults pay £10.00 and kids under 16 pay £5.00. If you want to race in more than one class then you can do so at no extra cost providing you can marshall your races or provide a stand in. For drivers who do not book in online or via email. There is a £2.00 surcharge for drivers who book in on the day.

Club Rules:

• All drivers will go straight out to marshall following their race. Marshalls will remain at their marshall points until the race has finished.

• Marshalling

·        No Mobile Phones to be used on marshall points

·        No Eating or Smoking cigarettes on marshall points

·        Keep both hands free to marshall to ensure YOUR safety and your ability to marshall effectively

·        Be mindful of the area your marshall point covers and ensure you are vigilant at all times.

• Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to marshall and will need an adult to marshall on their behalf.

• BRCA membership is mandatory, although newcomers will be allowed to race for two meetings before they must provide proof of     BRCA membership

• Maximum scale of car raced at Brookthorpe is 1/8th scale Buggy or Truggy.

• No alcohol allowed on site.

• No smoking cigarettes beyond race control or in the pits.

• Please ensure all rubbish is taken home, littering will not be tolerated, drivers will be asked to leave if they choose to ignore this.

• Please park sensibly ensuring you are mindful of other drivers.

• Overly aggressive driving to gain an unfair advantage or that causes damage to other driver’s cars will result in race penalties.

• Cutting the track to gain an advantage will result in a pit penalty.

• If you are being lapped, move aside and allow the driver through.

• Rudeness, aggressive or offensive behaviour towards other drivers will not be tolerated and will result in a ban.

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